NJ Alimony Private Investigator:

Alimony payments are monies paid to a spouse during separation or after their marriage has reached it’s conclusion. Alimony is part of the agreement in a divorce. The amount, frequency, and details of the payments are determined by a divorce court. A NJ Alimony Private Investigator can gather evidence which can reduce or in some cases eliminate the alimony payments decided by the court. The basic legal principal of alimony is when you have one spouse making more money than the other, alimony is designed to keep the spouse which earns less, living in the same manor they had become accustomed to prior to the divorce or separation. In a perfect world, this sounds justified and makes sense. There should be laws in place to protect a stay at home mother, for example, if her marriage were to suddenly come to an end. 

As with many laws and agreements, people tend to try to bend, break, or take advantage of them. Requesting far more than is deserved, using children as leverage, and cohabitation are only a few ways the system could be taken advantage of. Our investigators conduct surveillance and watch a spouse or ex spouse’s every move to help determine if they are violating any of the agreements made with the court. When there are children involved, things can get more expensive, more complicated, and ‘messy’. An alimony payment which normally would be a reasonable amount, is compounded by child support payments making the monthly amount laughable in some cases. There are many people who go on for years choosing not to fight it. Feeling helpless, they do not want to cause any more disturbances for their children, their own lives, or the lives of family members. After all, what can be done?   

If we can prove that any part of the agreement made in the court is being violated, alimony payments may be reduced significantly, or even eliminated completely. Situations that warrant child custody investigations can be a major factor in payments as well. If we are able to prove abuse or neglect, this could grant custody to the other parent which would eliminate the child support payments. 

NJ Cohabitation Private Investigator

Cohabitation is the act of residing and/or taking on a domestic/family role with a new partner after being divorced. Examples of how our private investigators can prove cohabitation include: video of spending excessive amounts of time at the residence, taking out the garbage, retrieving the mail, and cutting the lawn. The more evidence we can obtain of everyday household activities, the better chance the court will decide there is cohabitation occurring. This not only makes legal sense but is only fair because why should an ex spouse need to pay for their ex’s new partner to live in their home? If there are children involved, another element where evidence can be obtained is if they are acting as a family unit in any way. A court may see this as inappropriate and reduce or eliminate the payments. Examples of this include going to dinner, taking children to school, sports, etc. Actions that should be between parent and child become inappropriate when an outsider comes into the home and attempts to take on the role.