Private Investigators

NJ Private Investigators: Welcome to Premier Enterprise Services, LLC. High Profile Documentation & Surveillance. A licensed New Jersey private investigations firm specializing in surveillance services. We offer documentation to high profile businesses and clientele as well as private citizens. Our expertise includes but is not limited to cheating spouse (infidelity), child custody, alimony, cohabitation, child neglect or abuse, and fraud (insurance claims and other). We offer vehicle tracking and monitoring services for businesses, companies, fleet tracking, and private individuals.   […]

Best Private Investigator

Best Rated NJ Private Investigators: One of the many elements of integrity we pride ourselves on at PES is our five star rating. Customer testimonials found on Google attest to the fact that we are the best private investigators in New Jersey. Do not take our word for the quality of work we produce, see the ratings for yourself. Further, we encourage potential clients to look at evidence obtained by our Lead Investigator, Owner/CEO. In 2016, Nicholas Melber, was one […]

Catch a Cheating Spouse

Cheating Spouse Investigations: Our specialty is in cheating spouse investigations in the state of NJ. We have literally worked thousands of cases so our investigators know the various methods in which one can rely to obtain optimal results. Technology is implemented using the most sophisticated devices and equipment such as trackers, high quality cameras, recording devices, and tinted out vehicles. We have worked with clients who have experienced being cheated on in the past (once a cheater always a cheater) and […]

Surveillance Investigator

NJ Surveillance Investigator Surveillance is an investigation technique that can be used by private investigators, law enforcement, and military. The primary purposes of surveillance include obtaining information, documentation, and gathering evidence. The investigator performs a surveillance by pursuing a subject, target, or claimant to determine what locations they go to, what individuals they associate with, and what actions they perform in the process. Private Investigator Surveillance When this effective investigative tactic is implemented by private investigators, they essentially follow the […]


Background Checks & Searches We run a variety of searches that contain a plethora of information. It has taken us years to assemble the collection of databases we use that we find to be the best out there. This is constantly being updated and maintained to assure that our clients have access to the most accurate information and also so we are best equipped while utilizing said information during our own investigations. All of our sources require a professional license […]

Child Custody

NJ Child Custody & Domestic Private Investigator: The NJ private investigators here at PES have been working child custody cases for years. There are many kinds of cases and each offer their own challenges, goals, and circumstances. We work with family attorneys to help gather the evidence you need to bring before the family court which aids in being granted custody and/or reducing or eliminating child support payments. Depending on what sort of agreement is made in the court or […]

NJ Deposition Private Investigator

NJ Deposition Surveillance A claimant deposition, in terms of  insurance fraud investigations, is a meeting between the claimant and defendants counsel in which they discuss details of the case. It may be at either of the litigants attorneys offices. The defendants counsel asks the claimant questions regarding the accident, injury, or anything they find relevant to the case. The questioning and claimants statements will usually be written, documented, and/or recorded. During insurance claim investigations, it may be in the best […]

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