Background Checks & Searches

We run a variety of searches that contain a plethora of information. It has taken us years to assemble the collection of databases we use that we find to be the best out there. This is constantly being updated and maintained to assure that our clients have access to the most accurate information and also so we are best equipped while utilizing said information during our own investigations. All of our sources require a professional license of some kind in order to access, therefore, rest assured, ours are better quality than any other company you may find from a quick Google search. 

For a more specific description of some of the people searches, background investigations, and background check services we run, please see the information below:

Comprehensive Background Search:

The comprehensive is the most common, basic, yet extensive search we may run. This is the search we start with many times in any investigation. It provides much needed information such as current address and address history, phone numbers, possible family and associates, possible employment, and criminal history. These are crucial pieces of information in the start of an investigation for obvious reasons because you need to know where you subject lives, but it also offers hints such as possible locations they could be found at such as their employer. It can also provide information such as bankruptcies, liens & judgments.

Criminal Background Check Search

The comprehensive search includes a section which is a nationwide criminal history search, we now also have recently added an arrest and warrant search. This information is very up to date and accurate. However, as with all databases, information can get crossed, mixed up, or confused. A criminal history check is the last thing one may want this to occur with. Therefore, we use a more targeted, specific to NJ, and accurate search for those seeking criminal records. I can confidently say this is the most accurate and best quality criminal history search in the state of New Jersey.

Financial Asset Search

Our financial asset search can provide information such as bank accounts, brokerage accounts, balances, and locations. These are particularly useful for cases in which a judgement is issued and the client believes the subject may have hidden assets in such accounts. This search has uncovered large sums of money in cases where a judgement was issued. In some cases attorneys can subpoena banks and brokerage houses forcing them to show hidden assets, and in turn honor the judgement. 

For further details on what our searches could provide or if you would like to hire us for any of our services please call, fill out a contact form found on our homepage, or write us an email with your information and a brief description of your case.