Child Custody

NJ Child Custody & Domestic Private Investigator:

The NJ private investigators here at PES have been working child custody cases for years. There are many kinds of cases and each offer their own challenges, goals, and circumstances. We work with family attorneys to help gather the evidence you need to bring before the family court which aids in being granted custody and/or reducing or eliminating child support payments. Depending on what sort of agreement is made in the court or within a divorce decree for example, there is crucial evidence we can obtain that can make a huge difference in the outcome. If we are able to capture video of a parent violating any of the terms of the agreements, this can give one party significant leverage. One parent may already have custody but an irresponsible parent could end up having more time with the children than is deserved or is safe. If this is a worry of yours, you may wish to consider the hire of a NJ child custody investigator. Some of the different elements that may be present in your child custody motion case are: child abuse or neglect, alimony, and cohabitation. 


Alimony Investigations and Cohabitation

Issues involving alimony and cohabitation can exist with or without the presence of children. When children are involved, things become slightly different. Most of the same standards apply but there are key things to look for. 

Child Abuse - Neglect Investigation

Regarding abuse, we know the various actions to look for during surveillance that can prove to be abuse or neglect. Our experience shows us that the more time we have of irresponsible, abusive, or neglectful behavior on video, the better it will be for your case. This may seem obvious but it is also true that typically a parent’s actions while they are with the children are much more important than what they do on their own personal time. It surprises some people for example that a parent who does drugs or drinks excessively in their personal time is able to obtain custody of the children. A judge may decide that if there is no proof of them consuming drugs in the presence of the children they may still have custody. There are other minor actions we can capture using investigation tactics that when done consistently over a period of time can add up to neglect. For example if a child is seen one time running from a parent into the street. A judge may see this as a one time thing but if we have video recordings of actions such as this consistently over a period of several months, this would be valuable during your family court child custody motion.