Vehicle Tracker

NJ Vehicle Tracker Investigations:

One of the many services we offer is vehicle tracking and monitoring in New Jersey and surrounding areas. The potential different scenarios where this could be useful are virtually endless but to name a few you can track a spouse (see infidelity investigations for more info), track a child, track an elderly person, and track an employee. Essentially a vehicle tracker can be used to verify anything an individual is telling you about their location at a particular time. The way it works is we install the device, utilize the tracker service, and send you real time location updates at your request.

GPS trackers have come a long way over the years. The video above was shot some time ago and features our Owner/CEO Nicholas Melber, it shows how complex the operation used to be.

They are still very complex, sophisticated, devices however, the service has become much more reliable the same way cell phone service has. The new vehicle trackers we use now offer many new features as well such as link sharing. Not only can we update you with a real time locations upon request right to your phone, we can send you a link which should allow you to check the location of the tracker at any time!

Fleet Tracking Services:

This vehicle tracking service allows businesses to track their employees, trucks, heavy equipment, or other assets. Cases can involve individuals caught drinking on the job, stealing customers, cheating the clock, or other fraudulent activities. This is extremely useful for any business owner because you can know where all of your vehicles are at all times. It verifies what your employees tell you of their whereabouts so that you may run the most efficient and productive business possible. Good workers and employees are very hard to find and we can help you keep them honest!

Smart Tracking for Business:

People tend to believe a tracking device for their business vehicle, equipment, or even in personal cases is the answer to their prayers. If all you need is the location of the device, vehicle, or asset then this may be the case. However, if you need to know more complex information such as what exactly the operator of the vehicle is doing at a certain location, you will need what we call smart tracking. Using trackers reminds us that they are simply machines that send us locations. They do their job extremely well but are unable to get us any real proof besides location information. Nothing is smarter than a human being who knows exactly what the goals are and what you are trying to prove. Let me give some examples: if an employee stops with his work truck at a Shoprite to drink alcohol on the job, and his employer has a tracking device on the vehicle, the employer can see that the employee is at Shoprite. When asked about it later he could say he went there for a soda and the employer would never know of his being drunk while working. You do not need to use our tracking services in order to use our smart tracking services. If you have your own fleet tracking service we can work with you to verify the information you need on your employees. This is basically a surveillance in which we would send out an investigator to follow your employee, video, and document their every move.