NJ Insurance Fraud Private Investigators

Claimant Investigation

There are many things an investigator can capture in the field which would prove the claimant is committing fraud. New Jersey insurance fraud private investigators at PES conduct surveillance on the claimant documenting their actions, movements, and interactions. As an attorney, claims adjuster, or claims manager would tell you, a claimant may very well be legitimately injured. However, it’s the extent of the injury and the truthfulness of their claim with the insurance company that could come in to play. A claimant may state that they are injured to the point of not being able to do joyful activities they used to, such as go to social events on weekends with friends or ride their motorcycle for example. This claim in itself may have caused the court to determine a higher settlement for this individual. If our investigators were to capture this claimant on video having several weekend rides on their motorcycle and attending social events, this could clearly be determined as fraud. After we prepare our report with photos and corresponding video and it is presented to the court, they could definitely decide the claimant was lying and decide on a much smaller settlement or eliminate it all together.

Author: Nicholas Melber

I am a licensed NJ private investigator by trade however I am also a webmaster, SEO Specialist, and investor. I have been in the private detective field for over a dozen years and have had a passion for computers since childhood. I specialize in every type of surveillance investigation including infidelity, child custody, alimony, and fraud.

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