Emotional Distress Compensation Investigations

Mental/Emotional Injury Claims NJ Private Investigators

Emotional distress compensation, mental anguish, PTSD, and mental/emotional injury claims can be difficult to prove or disprove. Our NJ private investigators can, and have, captured many things on video in the field which have clearly disproved these kind of claims. Even before the pandemic, emotional disorders and mental illnesses had been on the rise. Therefore, one would hope the insurance coverage of these illnesses would increase as they do. Unfortunately, what comes along with any new illness, or anything that can be taken advantage of, is fraudsters looking to cheat the system.

Workers' Comp Fraud

Usually emotional distress or mental injury claims come secondary to physical injury. Claimants may allege they were hurt in a car accident and now they are unable to drive because of emotional distress. Another possibility is they claim depression or the inability to have fun or socialize the way they used to. Our investigators can document these individuals driving and attending social events. Further, we are at these locations while they are, so we can also obtain close up shots of things such as their facial expressions to see if they are smiling, appear to be happy/enjoying themselves. If we are already performing surveillance on said individual for physical injury, it only makes sense for us to focus on the mental aspect of the injury as well. The claimant in a given case may not be worth performing surveillance on for only one injury, but a physical injury accompanied by a mental claim may make it worth it for monetary reasons. It will become more likely to catch one or the other being false, there is a better chance of catching a false claim if there are two claims being investigated at once.

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