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Ever Wanted to Ask A Private Investigator a Question?

Many people are shy about hiring a PI. We make the process more approachable by offering to answer any question as part of our FREE consultation. Simply fill out the form on our homepage and a licensed NJ private investigator will respond to you ASAP. You may also write us via email with the subject “PI Question”. Our email is [email protected]. Please let us know in the first sentence if you are considering hiring us or it is a general question. We will respond within 24 hrs if you are a potential client. If it is a simple question or advice request it may take a little longer, please bare with us. We ask that you please limit your question(s) to one message so that we do not become too overwhelmed with messages. Our investigator’s time is very valuable and we want to be able to help as many people as possible!


Everyone who asks questions will remain completely anonymous and the same will go obviously if you decide to hire us. In the age of Covid-19, we have also made it so the entire process can be done online and contact-less. Not only does it remain safe for our customers, but also convenient, confidential, and efficient.

Most Common Question:

How much does a NJ Private Investigator Cost?

Author: Nicholas Melber

I am a licensed NJ private investigator by trade however I am also a webmaster, SEO Specialist, and investor. I have been in the private detective field for over a dozen years and have had a passion for computers since childhood. I specialize in every type of surveillance investigation including infidelity, child custody, alimony, and fraud.

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